Del Colosseo

A daughter of

PRIMUS Del Colosseo
Peperoncina Rovente

Owned by Tim & Kathy McMahon
of Tucson, Arizona

Vanaka is in the process of being successfully trained in advanced personal protection work by Joe Camacho of Tri-Tronics (the remote training collar company). Tri-Tronics has a reputation worldwide as THE foremost manufacturer/supplier of quality canine remote training collars, and their systems have been used successfully by some of the world's top competition-oriented handler/dog teams. In fact Vanaka is preparing for competition herself in the areas of obediance and personal protection and should be competing by early next year. Her owner, Tim, is hoping to prove the capability of the Cane Corso in in it's drive and ability to protect. I'll be watching closely and will probably attend one or both of her trials in LA in January or Dallas in March...
Good Luck Tim!

Following is an e-mail I received from Joe concerning Vanaka's selection to be featured in the personal protection portion of the new Tri-Tronics remote training promotional video...

Message From: (Tri-Tronics Customer Service)
Date: Fri, Oct 1, 1999, 10:23am
Subject: (no subject)

Hey Randy,
Joe Camacho from Tri-Tronics here. Just wanted to let you know that yesterday, Tim McMahon's little girl "Vanaka" Del Colosseo was the chosen dog to star in a promotional video that Tri-Tronics is producing to include with our Remote Trainers. This video will show highlights of the many uses of our collars. Vanaka will have her 10-15 seconds of fame doing some "bite work" in personal protection training. The video should be ready sometime around the first of the year, I'll make sure you get a copy.

Thanks Joe!
Congratulations Tim!!

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