Stud access policy & fees:
Cane Corso

There is the standard & typical $1500 fee required to breed to a COLOSSEUM SHADOWS stud. It is reduced to $1200 for those sending their females here from east of the Mississippi River. Since the airlines charge THE SAME to ship a dog from east coast to west coast as they do to ship it from one state to ANY OTHER state, the $300 off is a good savings over the average $1500 stud fee. More importantly those who breed to COLOSSEUM SHADOWS males get the benefit of a better proven stud (very worthy of a $1500 fee) as there are not very many great studs out there -especially those producing the type and quality of Cane Corsos that Primus and his sons consistently produce. And then there's the important issue of QUANTITY -Primus had a litter of 16 whelped Dec. 14, 2001. Primus gets the job done and reproduces excellent quality in ALL of these areas: Drive (workability), Temperament (sound stable personality), health (physical soundness), and conformation (build).

Before any of my males see someone else's female in season, I require payment IN ADVANCE (bank cashier's check or U.S. Post Office money order) and the original veterinarian performed lab test results of a recent test on the bitch for Brucellosis (dated within 10 days of breeding to my male). I also require knowledge of her bloodline/pedigree and certification that she is a duly registered purebred Cane Corso. And I want to see some photos of her. When all is in order, I will pick your female up at the airport when she arrives and she will be brought to my place where she will be placed with the male for 3 hours each day for 5 days. Very rarely have we missed a pregnancy. When their breeding is done, I'll bring her back to the airport and put her on the plane back to you. Another option that some have chosen is to drive their female here and breed them once a day for a couple days. There is a Motel-6 just down the street and they do allow dogs.

-Randall C. Todd
ph: 520-297-4554


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