155 lbs @ 29 1/2 inches

(a son of Primus and Chilipepper)
Owned by John Huisman of Stockton, CA

This page is dedicated to the memory of John's mother who recently passed away (that's her in the picture above with Luke). I had the chance to speak with her on the phone on occasion and can say without doubt that she was a good person and a loving mother. I always enjoyed the tangible warmth I felt when I spoke with her. Some people leave a big hole in this life when they go because of the quality of their hearts. She was one of them. Lucca lived his life with her and the two of them shared a bond that Lucca had with no one else. She was his and he was hers and that's just how it was. My heart goes out to John and his sister who miss their mother. I've no doubt she misses them too. And I'd like to assure them that she's also busy renewing old relationships with people who were important in her life who had already passed through the veil before her. There's not a whole lot of difference between here and there. One thing is absolutely certain in my mind- we're still the same person there that we were when we leave here. Exactly the same heart, exactly the same mind, thoughts, and memories. The ONLY difference is that there in the Spirit World, we are temporarily separated from our bodies. It's the mortal body that has the capacity to die, not our spirit which is Eternal and is the thinking/feeling/decision-making part of us.

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