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Date: Monday, August 07, 2006 11:48 AM
CITY: Philadelphia
BREED(s) OWNED: Cane Corso
REMARKS: Thank you for "dispelling the myths" about the Black and Tan Cane Corso. As a proud owner of a Black and Tan (actually, more like buck skin) Corso, I often have to defend my pups anscestors. Thanks for all the great information!

Date: Thursday, July 06, 2006 6:44 PM
NAME: Diana Reed
CITY: Agua Dulce
FAVORITE BREED(s): Molossus/mastiff-types; Nordic breeds
BREED(s) OWNED: Siberian Husky; Beagle, Shetland Sheepdog; Rottweiler; German Shepherd
Hi Mr. Todd.....

I must tell you how much I've enjoyed visiting your site. It is a veritable bottomless pit of Corso information.

I learned about the Cane Corsos while researching them because of a dog we are planning to adopt. He was found, nearly dead in the hot CA desert near where I live. He didn't have use of his left front leg due to it being dislocated. He was emaciated and dehydrated. We can't imagine what brought him to that horrible situation. Friends of ours, who own an animal rescue, found him and took him to the vet where he had surgery for his elbow. He is healing very well and has put on lots of weight; Maximus now weighs 95 lbs, but has more to gain. He will remain with our friends until he is completely healed, then we will introduce him to our 2 dogs and hope all will go well. He isn't dog-aggressive and just loves people. My husband and I love the Mastiff breeds and recently lost our beloved Rottweiler, Juno, whom we miss terribly.

We are trying to figure-out what breed Maximus is; he seems to fit the description of a Cane Corso, but I'm sure he is a mastiff-mix; definitely a mastiff type. In any case, I have become quite impressed with Cane Corsos, specifically yours. It would be great to have a dog that is indigenous to the homeland of my ancestors (Italy and Sicily).

IF things don't go well with Maximus, I will most likely contact you to reserve one of your puppies, but I do feel good about giving this poor, homeless dog a family. He has fought a hard battle and needs some TLC.

Thank-you for producing such a wonderful site.

Diana (Cipriotti) Reed
Agua Dulce, CA

Thank you for your contribution to the COLOSSEUM SHADOWS Cane Corso website. Your guestbook entry has been posted. And on behalf of real dog lovers everywhere, thanks for your concern for a dog in need. That dog obviously went "through hell" and because of your friends efforts -and yours if you end up bringing him into your family- he's been able to "come back". I can't imagine the pain and dejection Maximus must have experienced until he found real friends who cared enough to help him. My hat's off to you and your friends for that.

Thanks so much for your kind words; I do appreciate it. We are just in love with Maximus, and hope all will go well with him. I am just so excited to have learned about your Cane Corsos. They are magnificent! When I learned of the breed, I wanted to know more. I had gone to several other websites before I found yours, and your dogs are what I would call "originals". I know that one of your dogs is definitely in my future!
Good Luck and Take Care,
PS: Just love the name of your kennel, too!

Thank you Diana. Very nice of you to say!
And thanks to everyone else who has taken the time to sign my COLOSSEUM SHADOWS guestbook.

Date: Sat, 20 Jul 2002 03:09:21
NAME: Kim and Mary
CITY: Orange County
STATE: California
FAVORITE BREED(s): Cane Corso, German Shepard, Great Pyrenees
BREED(s) OWNED: see above
Mr. Todd, Your website is wonderful. The information it contains has answered many questions we have had about Cane Corso's. Sadly our Cane Corso is no longer with us do to circumstances beyond our control. We really enjoyed looking at the pictures and reading all about the breed. Thank you.
Kim and Mary

Date: Tue, 5 Mar 2002 22:55:10
NAME: Ryan Phillips
CITY: Towson
BREEED(s) OWNED: Cane Corso
Great site I love the home security page! I first saw a Corso a month ago , the only one i've ever seen. Now i'm proud to be the owner of a blue 7 week old female. She is the most loyal and loving dog i've ever seen she has taken to the whole family , I have three small kids. She is  learnig very quickly and has been easy to train.Thanks for the site.

Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2002, 23:51:00
NAME: Emerson Tunaley
CITY: Nottingham
COUNTRY: England
BREED(s) OWNED: Neapolitan Mastiffs, Cane Corso, working lurchers & Jack-Russell Terriers
Dear all at 'shadows of the colosseum', I think your website is exellent! I own Neapolitan Mastiffs, C-corsos, working lurchers and terriers (jack-Russell) As with most breeds, working 'function' comes above 'form', which in turn dictates a general form in its self. I have to agree with your philosophy about corruption in the a.k.c etc, and people with the $$$$ in there eye and nothing else. Only a true breed enthusiast, dedicated to the preservance of a breeds 'true type' will not bow to the whims of the show world wich is fundamentaly a fashion parade, and just as pretentious and pathetic! I strongly beleive that c-corsos should have staminer, speed, and agility enough to bring down a deer, wolf, boar or bear and keep them true to this type. Also, mentally these dogs should be capable of such tasks, as in the past 'jibbers' would not have been bred from at all, so as not to pass on weak genes. I know myself that I only breed working Lurchers that have proved themselves beyond a doubt in the field of hunting, and in tern, there form, mental capability, and trainability are desirable and generally better for hunting.
The English kennel club is just as bent, with only a handfull of genuine working dogs left, things can only get worse. I dread the day when c-corsos get recognised in the English Kennel club, because there working ability and subsequently there legendary inteligence and unique temperment will be lost, just like the British Bulldog, a complete genetic and physical abortion now, when it used to be physical fighting perfection.
My full and unwavering support,
Emerson Tunaley,
Nottingham England

Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2002
NAME: Tiffany
...I have checked out your web sight, I think it is the best one I have come across yet, you did a great job.
Thank You,

Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2002
NAME: Roger and Diane Cloutier
Hello Mr. Todd, I first learned of you and your dogs in the USA DOGS magazine. I was very impressed with you web site. It is the best one I have seen on any dog! I won't have to search anywhere else for info on the cane corsos. My husband and I are looking at purchasing a c.c in the fall to winter time frame. Will you be having a litter around that time? How early so you recommend sending a deposit? I understand that you won't take one until you talk to us. We have had two c.c in the past. They unfortunately passed away. We love the breed and want to stick with them. I was hoping to have a pup from Primus and Pepe. Please let us know. Thank you for your time.
Roger and Diane Cloutier
God Bless You!

Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2002
NAME: Gina Stone
CITY: Westland
STATE: Michigan
BREED(s) OWNED: Cane Corso, Rottweiler
Just wanted to drop a note and Thank You for our wonderful "Bella". She is getting big and is precocious as ever. We are going to start Personal Protection work with her come spring. She is definitely a "go getter"! Have not seen her back down to anything yet. WEll We love her.

Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2001
NAME: Michele Carbone, M.D.
CITY: Chicago
STATE: Illinois
BREED(s) OWNED: Boxer, Dalmation
In february 1991, I flew to Alabama, from D.C., I wanted a corso, but I wanted to choose the puppy myself. Michael and Kathy Sottili offered to host me in their house and I stayed a couple of days with them and I bought a puppy that I called Leone. I brought leone back to Italy, to my father for his birthday because when he was a kid he used to have a Corso. At that time it was impossible to find a good corso in Italy. Leone now is old, and I am interested possibly in buying another puppy. I was looking for Michael sottili, but I could not find him, instead you "dedicated" your web site to him and Kathie. This is somehow worrisome, are Michael and Kathie O.K.? They were wonderful guests, even took me for a ride on kathie's horses, and I really would like to buy my next corso from them if they are still in business and well. Please let me know.

best wishes for the new year,

Michele Carbone, M.D.

[[NOTE to readers from Randall: Cancer took Michael Sottile several years ago. Kathy is still alive but is no longer selling Cane Corso]]

Date: Mon, Aug 6, 2001, 4:19pm
NAME: Richard E. Worrell
CITY: Woodland
STATE: California
FAVORITE BREED(s): Cane Corso, German Shepherd Dog
BREED(s) OWNED: Colosseum Shadows Cane Corso
Randy - greetings! Just a few words to affirm my satisfaction, and the pleasure of having my wonderful, chestnut/brindle pup, Luna Chimera (Worrell) del Colosseo; she'll be 7 months on 8/24/01, and is doing just great. Awesome presence, incredible athleticism, and although still abit of a hilariously numbnutz puppy, as a whole, she's very attentive and easy to train.
  Above and beyond her having, thus far, won Best of Show, Junior Puppy Class, at the ARBA Golden Gate Classic in California this past June (!!!)... she is just such a handsome and regally poised dog; a delightful and loving companion, with an absolutely outstanding temperament. I am proud of her, and very pleased that I followed my instincts in choosing a pup from last winter's Pepe/Primus mating at Colosseum Shadows. I know we've talked about my passion for quality in various elements of my life, and Luna has really been a delight on all fronts - uhhh... that is; notwithstanding her playful tendency to find the socks I lay out for work, and abit too frequently choosing to sneakily remove them from the chair, and proceed to gleefully 'mouth'...   Nothing like being half awake, just out of the morning shower, getting dressed, and discovering that the last perfect pair of socks matching the intended day's attire is duly 'moistened' from her having affectionately mouthed (NOT chewed) them...). Oh well, puppies and kids (and kittens...)
...gotta luv 'em.
Anyhow; all the best, and once again, thanks for being the conduit for this wonderful new relationship in my life!

Date: Sun, May 6, 2001, 10:35pm (MST+7)
NAME: Wayne and Tammi Cooper
CITY: Vineland
STATE: New Jersey
Thank you for the informative website.  This kind of detailed breed history is almost impossible to find.  For anyone thinking of owning a Cane Corso, let me just say that our Bruno is the best dog we have ever owned.  He loves people, and people love him.  When he goes outside, the neighborhood children all come running to play with him, and he just loves it!!! We've also discovered that he loves to show off and will prance around the house with a toy in his mouth whenever we have company.  He also greets Daddy at the door with a toy when he comes home from work.

Date: Tue, Apr 17, 2001, 10:29am (MST+3)
NAME: Eric N. Banks
Attorney-Advisor to the Inspector General
U.S. Department of the Treasury
CITY: Washington, DC
BREED OWNED: Rottweiler
Mr. Todd, I have worked in the field of law enforcement for more than twenty years, and have had the pleasure of observing some of the most remarkable examples of police canines in the history of the profession. I recently witnessed canine trials [at a location that shall remain nameless] in which a Cane Corso was put through the paces and to the test. I must confess, rarely have I witnessed such courage, character, strength, intelligence, obedience, and agility in any dog as that which I saw in the Cane Corso. At 29" at the withers and 155lbs., he was nothing less than "poetry in motion." He certainly made a believer out of me that day. Until then, the Rottweiler was my favorite breed of dog, and the only breed in which I would place my unqualified trust -- but, now -- that has changed... The Cane Corso now shares that distinction. I am very seriously considering acquiring a Cane Corso as a personal member of my family, if my research bears out my initial impressions and suspicions. Any information you can provide on the subject would be greatly appreciated.

Date: Wed, Mar 21, 2001, 5:25pm (MST-1)
NAME: Frank and Kellie Pineda
CITY: Pueblo
STATE: Colorado
Frank from Colorado here. Just a quick thank you for allowing us an awesome experience, to first hand see Primus, Cerb, Dorado (Kellie's favorite), Chilipepper and the pups. This was truly amazing. It almost hurt having to leave and not take one of those gorgeous pups with me. To anyone asking or wanting to know, to see beauty, elegance, power, agility...go see the boys at the Colosseum!!!!
Thanks again Randy!!!!
--Frank and Kellie Pineda....Pueblo, Colorado

Date: Sun, Mar 18, 2001, 7:29pm (MST+2)


Date: Tue, Aug 8, 2000, 7:02pm (MST+3)
NAME: Dorrell Green
CITY: Wilmington
STATE: Delaware
REMARKS: For the longest time I've been searching for the perfect companion. I now believe that your website has convinced me that I' ve found what I been looking for. You've done an exceptional job of promoting such a beautiful dog. For years I thought that Rotti's were the only dogs for me until I was introduced to the Cane Corso. Thank you for the wonderful presentation and could you send me purchasing information as well as updated information on upcoming litters.

Keep up the good work.

Date: Sat, Jun 3, 2000, 10:46am (MST+3)
NAME: Steve Bell
Mr. Todd, I was visiting your website after having seen your ad in Dogs-USA magazine and you have a very informative site. I had never even heard of the Cane Corso and when I saw them, just in pictures, their power and grace just leap out at you. What a magnificient creature!! Your analogy to the big cats seems correct. I imagine they are truly a sight to behold in full motion. At the moment my family (wife, 4 year old son, 4 year old pound adopted lab mix) and I are trying to find the next addition to our home. We were pretty much decided on a Bullmastiff, but after having seen your website, we have to reconsider! I was wondering if you have any videos of your CC's, something we could see showing them interacting with kids and other breeds? Unfortunately we live in Houston, or else we would probably be knocking on your door right now!! There were a lot of ads for CC's in the magazine, most with websites, and I wanted to let you know yours was by far the most informative. As someone who knew nothing at all about the CC, I appreciate your time and effort. I don't know whether or not we will add a Cane Corso to our family, but I know if we do, we will make sure it is a Colosseum Cane Corso.

Thanks for your time,
Steve Bell

Date: Tue, May 16, 2000, 11:47pm (MST+3)
NAME: Gina Stone
CITY: Westland
FAVORITE BREED: Rott, but could quickly become the Cane Corso
BREED OWNED: Rottweiler
REMARKS: I enjoy your web site.

Date: Sat, Apr 1, 2000, 12:46am (MST+1)
NAME: Chip Harris
Hi Randy. My name is Chip Harris and I'm interested in purchasing a pick female from your stock. So far, I've been impressed with what I've seen. Granted, they've only been pics, but you gotta start somewhere.
...Also, on a side note, as a fellow Webtver, I am very impressed with your website as well as how informative it is. I can say without reservation that your site is the most thourough of all of the CC sites that I've seen, and I have more than 50 sites bookmarked. Keep up the good work. Thanks in advance, hope to hear from you soon.


Date: Mon, Feb 7, 2000, 2:58am (MST-1)
NAME: Frank Pineda
CITY: Pueblo
STATE: Colorado
REMARKS: Mr. Todd thank you for such an informative website!(spent three hours and covered it all, enjoying every minute!)  I am very impressed by your obvious dedication to this breed as well as your focus on educating the viewers of your website. I am convinced that the next dog I purchase will be a Colosseum Shadows C.C. It may take a little while but I love dogs and it seems this may be the dog that has the best of all qualities that appeal to me and my family (temperment, size, agility, intelligance, loyalty, protection etc.) Your pictures are great, but would like to see more puppy photos!  I am planning a trip to see my mother in Phoenix soon and I would like the opportunity to come visit you and your remarkable dogs in person. In closing I would again like to thank you for your efforts...

Future Cane Corso Owner
Frank Pineda

Date: Tue, Nov 30, 1999, 5:40pm (MST+1)
NAME: Jessie R. Gadison
Hi Mr. Randall Todd,
I just went out and got the new Dogs USA 2000 book. I know I have e-mailed and spoke with you several times over this year. By all means you are the best in my mind. There is only one of many! You have a contract up to two years on your CC and you tell it like it is. My wife and I are expecting our first child in March of 2000...
[[ CONGRATULATIONS JESSIE, to both you and your good wife!! -RT ]] I wont be buying a CC until the baby is about 9 to 12 months old. I really like your CC and the fact that you have kids around the dogs all the time. I would so like to take this time to thank you for educating me about the CC. By the way, after taking another look at some of your CC on your web site, when I buy one from you I would love one like Rocko or Lucca. Those two CC are the two best looking CC I have seen besides Primus and Peperoncina Rovente.

Jessie R. Gadison

Date: Sun, Oct 24, 1999, 11:14pm (MST+3)
NAME: Jules
CITY: Freehold
STATE: New Jersey
Hello Randy-
I must say that between your Web page and magazine ad, there's no other person as thorough on this breed. After viewing the information which you have listed, I must say I am very much interested.
Thanks for the info on the breed.
Freehold, New Jersey

Message From: (Tri-Tronics Customer Service)
Date: Fri, Oct 1, 1999, 10:23am
Subject: (no subject)

Hey Randy,
Joe Camacho from Tri-Tronics here. Just wanted to let you know that yesterday, Tim McMahon's little girl "Vanaka" Del Colosseo [of COLOSSEUM SHADOWS (RT)] was the chosen dog to star in a promotional video that Tri-Tronics is producing to include with our Remote Trainers. This video will show highlights of the many uses of our collars. Vanaka will have her 10-15 seconds of fame doing some "bite work" in personal protection training. The video should be ready sometime around the first of the year, I'll make sure you get a copy.

[[Thanks Joe, I appreciate you and the great job you're doing with Vanaka. This line of Corsos are so smart and workable! There's not much you can't accomplish working with the drive and smarts of a Colosseum Shadows Cane Corso, eh?! -RT]]

Date: Tue, Aug 24, 1999, 11:18pm
NAME: Anthony Gonzales
CITY: Long Beach
STATE: California
FAVORITE BREED: Neapolitan Mastiff convert to the Cane Corso
BREED OWNED: PitBull, German Sheperd, Keeshond, And Very Soon CANE CORSO OWNER!
REMARKS: Randy, very impressed with your site and your dogs, and to see these magnificent specimens move in person. It just does not do them justice to see them on Polaroid! After all, seeing is believing, and man am I hooked. Loved the trip down to the southwest and look forward to other visits as well.

The Gonzales Family

P.s. Your dogs were great around my 16 mth old son Cameron- he loved playing with the dogs and with your beautiful children. Keep up the great work!

Date: Mon, Apr 12, 1999, 4:49pm (MST+1)
NAME: Chris Hockman
CITY: Albuquerque
STATE: New Mexico
REMARKS: Great dogs!! In the past I have owned smaller house dogs "Cocker Spaniels". My wife to be has always owned larger dogs "Giant Schnauzer's"- 80#. Well long story short, she sold me on large house dogs. I started my search for the perfect animal. We looked at the Bernese Mountain dog and the Swiss Mountain dog. I purchased a magazine with various breeds in it and I noticed some of the ads with the Cane Corso in the headline. I was soon talking to Randy. He informed me that I was lucky enough to have one of his beautiful animals in the same city. Well I like to think of myself as an excellent judge of character- 1st impression is a lasting impression. I was soon very impressed by Randy's dogs. With his blessing my search is over. I now have Cane Corso's on the brain. The only hard part will be the wait, but in the long run it's worth every second.

-Chris Hockman, Albuquerque New Mexico.

Date: Sat, Apr 10, 1999, 12:25am (MST+3)
NAME: Dawn & Ralph
CITY: Santa Rosa
STATE: California
BREED OWNED: A Colosseum Shadows Cane Corso
REMARKS: Hi Randall, this is Ralph's wife Dawn. I'd like to tell you what a fantastic pup our dogessa is. I couldn't have asked for a better dog. I just can't believe how smart she is and so quick to learn. She is quite amazing and so much more than I ever expected. She's great with the children just like you advertised. I'm already sold on the Cane Corso. She is beautiful, smart and eager to please and steals the heart of all who meet her. l am so happy we choose your dogs, I can see they are exceptional. Thanks! She's happy and doing well!!!!

Ralph and Dawn

Date: Sat, Apr 3, 1999, 9:37am
NAME: Dave Marriner
CITY: Pinewood Springs
STATE: Colorado
FAVORITE BREED: I couldn't pick just one
BREED OWNED: Rottweiler, Aussie/Border Collie mix, Amstaff
REMARKS: We've been gathering as much information as possible on cane corsos because we would like one as our next family member. I've seen a lot of cane corso sites and none can compare to this one. This site has it all: great-looking dogs and a wealth of information. Well done!

-Dave Marriner

Date: Tue, Feb 9, 1999, 9:09am (MST-1)
NAME: Renee
CITY: Lafayette
STATE: California
REMARKS: Thanks for the response to my questions. Your website is really great--and believe me, I've been to all of them! I am sold. I just think that these are some of the best dogs I've ever seen. Waiting until the end of the year is perfect as I have a busy spring/summer and wouldn't want to take on a puppy for awhile.
I noticed that one of last year's pups went to someone in Alamo, CA. I am in Lafayette, CA which is very close. Do you think the owner(s) would be open to showing off their dog? I don't know if this is possible, but if it is okay with them for me to contact them that would be great.
I am seriously interested in one of the pups from the next litter, so if there is a list I'd like to be on it. You can just let me know the details of deposits, etc.
Lastly, I plan on being in Arizona in April. Would it be possible to come by to see the dogs?


Date: Sun, Jan 31, 1999, 2:05pm
NAME: Tim & Kathy McMahon
CITY: Tucson
STATE: Arizona
BREED OWNED: A Colosseum Shadows Cane Corso
REMARKS: We made the right choice!
My wife and I bought a wonderful pup from Randy. Randy was very helpful when we first got Vanaka (pup's name). I had to go out of town and Randy was there to help my wife and Vanaka get thru the first week together. Vanaka is turning out to be the best dog I've had. These dogs are smart, big, and fun to be with. I own a Real Estate Co. and she comes with me to work often. She knows all the basics including hand signals ie; sit, stay, place, lay down and heel. She is now going on 8 months. and at least eighty pounds!! She comes in contact with many people and loves everyone. However, anyone that makes a threatening move towards me, my wife, or her will realize they made a big mistake. Even at almost 8 months she is protective. I have a trainer friend that helps me on the do's and don'ts and we did an experiment.  Well, lets just say Vanaka wanted to eat the aggressor for lunch.  I highly recommend the breed and Randy Todd.  It's well worth the investment.

--Tim & Kathy McMahon

Date: Thu, Jan 28, 1999, 1:47am (MST+1)
NAME: Chip Harris
CITY: Kansas City
STATE: Missouri
FAVORITE BREED: Cane Corso (followed closely by the Presa Canario)
BREED OWNED: Rottweiler
REMARKS: I would like to thank you for finally providing more (much) needed and desired information on what I believe to probaly be my next and only breed that I ever own, with the excepetion of the Pressa Canario. I currently own 1 beautiful (dark, I like them dark.) 18 month 127lb. Rottie. I presently have been very impressed with Lucca Brazzi [[FATHER OF COLOSSEUM SHADOWS PRIMUS (RT)]], and had been searching the net and books for more information on him. I was quite pleased to read the info that you provided on him, and interesting enough, to find out about the relation of him to your Primus, considering that Primus was the next most impressive to me. The only visual differences appeared to be their weight. I personally would prefer a 125-140lb dog (I think. I would have to be able to compare weight distribution and agility to that of the Rottie "my rottie" to make an educated decision.)... In closing I again would like to thank you for providing this information to all dog lovers alike. Oh yes, one more thing, I live in Kansas City, Missouri. Do you know of anyone in the Missouri or Kansas area that is a Corso owner or of any dog shows that might be coming to this area? I am preparing myself for a purchase for the year 2000 and believe that seeing as many Corsos as possible will aid me in making the right decision for myself, family, and ultimately the new "family member or members".

Again, Thank You.

Date: Fri, Dec 11, 1998, 8:42pm (MST+2)
NAME: Corinne Clancy & Doug Joly
CITY: New Ipswich
STATE: New Hampshire
REMARKS: I found your site informative but would have liked more puppy pictures. We'll be in touch soon. We are currently in the process of moving and are trying to move and get ready for Christmas at the same time, while working, of course!

--Corinne Clancy & Doug Joly

Date: Wed, Nov 25, 1998, 6:38pm (MST+2)
NAME: Kathleen Ellertson
CITY: Moore
STATE: Oklahoma
FAVORITE BREED: I really do not have a "favorite breed", just favorite DOGS... and they have come in many shapes and colors!
BREED OWNED: Standard Poodle and a brindle Catahoula Leopard Dog
Randall, my husband John and I went to your webpage together and quite enjoyed our journey through the world of the Cane Corso courtesy of Mr. Randall Todd! Bravo! You've done an excellent job presenting the breed. My only sorrow was that there were so few female representatives of the breed to look at... as we are interested in a female (and knowing that in most breeds the girls have a look all their own) I would like to get a better idea of the feminine side of the Cane!
          We have no desire to show (except perhaps in obedience or agility) so "show quality" is not a denominator for us... Temperment and general personality are HUGE denominators... My impression is that the females run between 90-120 and that their heads are a little smaller. Or perhaps I am stating what I am hoping... In any case, what we are looking for is a good solid all purpose family companion dog - not too dominant, but certainly no wuss either. I also have definate color preferences... I like the brindles and blues the best.
Again - great web page - and thanks for all your time.

--Kathleen Ellertson

Date: Sun, Nov 22, 1998, 3:30pm (MST+2)
NAME: Steve Mattfeld
CITY: Spokane
STATE: Washington
FAVORITE BREED: AmStaff Terrier (until now!)
BREED OWNED: small house dogs (yorkies, etc.)
REMARKS: This is without question the most complete and informative site on the Cane Corso anywhere. In looking for the ultimate guard/house dog you have provided me with a wealth of knowledge, Mr. Todd. Primus seems like an awsome example of this great breed, and I have looked at a lot of sites on the Cane Corso. Thanks, again Mr. Todd.

Date: Wed, Nov 11, 1998, 10:27am (MST+1)
NAME: Mastini
CITY: Lawrenceville
STATE: New York
FAVORITE BREED: Neapolitan Mastiff
BREED OWNED: Neapolitan Mastiffs and English Bulldog
REMARKS: Lovely site. Well done and very informative. Lots of background information on the breed with great pictures of fine specimens. I know a lot of work goes into making a great web page. Excellent job Randall. Best of luck.

Date: Tue, Nov 10, 1998, 1:09am (MST+2)
NAME: Fred Larson
CITY: West milford
STATE: New Jersey
FAVORITE BREED: At current the Cane Corso
BREEDS OWNED IN PAST: Samoyeds, Lab, Akitas, Husky, Mutt
REMARKS: This site is fantastic! We (My wife and myself) have a deposit on a Vacarro pup that will be ready to go in January. We can hardly wait. This site is the most detail informative site I've come across regarding the ICCF/FIC Cane Corsos. Your pictures, narratives and especially pedigrees are probably the best place to get historical information regarding the ICCF/FIC lineage. I've also read your commentary on the Cane Corso Pages BB, and find it very refreshing that someone sucessfully chimes in with another point of view. I've never felt that I have enough experience or knowledge of the breed at this time to attempt entering the debate. Oh well, Maybe in the future. Keep up the good work, it's important for the breeders of this exceptional dog to be as informed and diligent as yourself.

10/04/98 21:49:28
NAME: Bad Bunny
REMARKS: Nice page. Very informative. Keep it up.

10/02/98 20:48:45
NAME: Melissa Harvey (RavenCreek Cane Corso)
STATE: Kentucky
FAVORITE BREED: What else? Cane Corso
REMARKS: Randy, your webpage is great although it is a little hard to get to here from your main page. I admire the time and effort you have put into this wonderful breed. Your dogs are beautiful, keep up the good work.

09/28/98 16:34:43
NAME: GREG WILLIAMS (a Colosseum Shadows Corso owner)
STATE: South Carolina
BREED OWNED: Staffordshire Bull Terriers (and now Cane Corso)
REMARKS: This is the best tempered and best looking pup that I've ever owned. I'LL always reccomend your dogs.

09/05/98 13:44:55
NAME: Su of Su's Dog Site
STATE: Arkansas
FAVORITE BREED: any family friendly breed
BREED OWNED: Australian Shepherd mix
REMARKS: Very nice site & I can't believe I missed the Corso in my search for dog breeds, but I'm glad Randy brought them to my attention. What a lovely member of the large multi-purpose breeds! I'm interested in how they catch cows because my husband is a vet & could sure use some help sometimes! :)

08/25/98 19:07:23
NAME: Joe Bruner
STATE: Nevada
FAVORITE BREED: Anything and everything, working types mostly
BREED OWNED: Variety, breed Dobermans
REMARKS: You're doing some great work on this page man.... :)

08/25/98 15:50:04
NAME: Kathy
CITY: Monrovia
STATE: California
FAVORITE BREED: I'm "converted"!
BREED OWNED: just a mutt
REMARKS: Where's the Beef??? I think I've just found it!!!

Date: Sun, Jul 26, 1998, 11:16pm (MST+3)
NAME: Kathleen Ellertson
CITY: Moore
STATE: Oklahoma
FAVORITE BREED: no favorite breed - just favorite individual dogs from any breed.
BREEDS OWNED IN PAST: Standard Poodle, Oklahoma black-mouthed cur
REMARKS: Mr. Todd, I was recently introduced to Canes when I visited a CA online friend for the first time - they had two and I fell in love with them both! The irony is that I have always distained Mastiff type breeds, finding them ugly, clumsy, drooly and just TOO BIG. I was surprized at how noble looking and agile the Canes were, and how GENTLE with me - a stranger to their home! (Once they had been told that "she's alright guys!") Best of all, despite the hot day - 100 in the shade - they did not DROOL!!! Amazing. They were impressive without being overwhelming, and extremely responsive to their owners... The dogs I saw had never been worked with and were barely leash-trained! (And surprisingly well-mannered considering that fact!). I presently own a 70lb black Standard Poodle and a female 65 lb Oklahoma black mouthed cur. They are both good dogs, both dominate in personality, but do well together as they were raised within a year of each other. I enjoy them both, but neither of them are able to serve as any kind of protection, or to give the single-minded type of companionship I desire. The Cur is my husband's dog and devoted to him - and the poodle belongs to no one - he is his own entity, and graces us with his presence when HE desires companionship... tremendously intelligent and the alpha pup of his litter, he has earned a certain measure of respect and a permanent place in our household... but I still find myself longing for "my own" dog...   one that I can give my heart to unreservedly.
I like the look of the smaller-headed females, any colour except black, and am looking for a stable willing temperment. I do not want a hard-headed independant "driver" type - we already have that in the poodle... I appreciate any info that you can give me and appreciate in advance the time it takes to do so. I am not desperate for a puppy RIGHT NOW - I prefer to investigate the breed first, (and the breeder - of course!) see if a Canes will be suitable for what I have in mind; and then wait for the "right" little girl to be born.   I know what I am looking for and I am willing to wait for it. Again, thank you for your time and consideration.
P.S. I liked your DOGS USA Gallery Page - it was the most informative and I thought your dogs were the best looking of the lot!!

Kathleen M. Ellertson

Date: Wed, Jun 3, 1998, 5:20pm (MST+2)
NAME: John
REMARKS: I recently saw some pictures of your dogs in a dog magizine. They are without a doubt some of the finest dogs I have ever seen.

08/25/98 09:19:02
NAME: Randy (of Colosseum Shadows)
CITY: Tucson
STATE: Arizona
FAVORITE BREED: Ex-Rottweiler lover (I still like the good ones)
BREED OWNED: Cane Corso (it was a very easy conversion)
REMARKS: Just testing this guestbook feature... But I've got to say to any who pass this way, I REALLY like this breed!...
Your comments are very welcome here... And feel free to call me at 520-297-4554 if you have questions that aren't covered here on the COLOSSEUM SHADOWS Cane Corso website...


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