Purebred, Proven, Superior Italian Working Lines

by Randall C. Todd


This website is dedicated to the rural country folk of Italy both ancient and modern, for they each played an important role in this breed's long history. It's dedicated to the ancient Italian hunter/farmers who developed the breed, and to those rural Italians who followed thru the dusty centuries developing and preserving for their posterity -and ultimately for us- a most stunningly beautiful (and some would say 'perfect') multi-purpose working/companion dog.

I also dedicate this site to the American fanciers of the breed, for they are the ones who brought the Cane Corso out of the obscurity of the rural Italian farm and into the public eye for the world to see! For better and for worse, the days are coming when you will see Cane Corsos at every park and Petsmart. To all Rottweiler owners: enjoy your dog's day in the spotlight while you can- whenever the shadows of my Italian Cane Corsos darken the doorway of my local Petsmart, no one seems to notice the big Rotties shuffling around the store anymore. Watching the eyes of these Rottweiler owners for the moment of "first sight" of Cane Corso can be quite entertaining!...

And lastly, I dedicate this site to Michael Sottile, the man who brought the first Cane Corso's to the Americas in 1988, and to Kathy Sottile who was there and a part of it all when it began.

...And of course, I can never forget CH Cocomo, CH Duro, CH Bruno, CH Ballo Orso, CH Tori, and CH Malocchia- the "Super-6" Champions from the original 1988 U.S. foundation litter. Anyone who has ever seen any of them knows what a true Champion Cane Corso looks like! Those six are still the best in my book (you can access photos and more detail about these 6 special Italian Cane Corso from a link provided on the COLOSSEUM DIRECTORY).


___________________________1996 Randall C. Todd___________________________