Make no mistake- this is NOT an "offensive" page. It is most definitely DEFENSIVE. There is a huge difference between the nature of the two. For myself, I never offend -never strike the 1st blow. And I don't like to have to DEfend. But sometimes we're given no choice. We're in the wrong if we don't stand up for the innocent individual when we see a bully slapping them around. In this case it's the pathetic individuals behind the joke called the "CANE CORSO COALITION" who were bullying and slapping around a newcomer to the breed whose ONLY "guilt" lay in achieving a very rare and notable accomplishment with her Cane Corso and attempting to share her excitement with others in an effort to do something positive for the breed and move it forward in the eyes of the public. The passing of the NASAR SARTECH III exam and the dog and handler becoming a nationally certified search and rescue team is quite the noteworthy accomplishment in the Cane Corso world and only proves two things: the handler/trainer's hard work and expertise -and sound breeding for correct temperament and drive FOR WORKABILITY in the dog, which is the very heart and soul of what the Cane Corso breed was developed for and should be! Yes, a Cane Corso accomplished this. A COLOSSEUM SHADOWS Cane Corso. And yes, the sad and pathetic story regarding the individuals behind the CANE CORSO COALITION putting down and belittling Teresa for trying to share her success with the world really happened. Instead of congratulating her they were slapping her around. There are some truly sick folks out there and the individuals behind THE CANE CORSO COALITION have proven themselves yet again to be among the worst of them. There is a HUGE difference between the integrity levels of those who DEFEND themselves and others and those who OFFEND others. To be defensive isn't a good place to be forced, but you can still defend and keep your integrity. To be OFFENSIVE however always means you're just an ASS with a brainless bully mentality. This page should have been posted long ago. The fact that it wasn't shows a difference in character and ethics between me and the unhappy hate-filled individuals it highlights -a difference between decency and deplorable ethics. This page was certainly called for -asked for -BEGGED for by those who have commited the offense. And it certainly hasn't been their 1st offense. Many have been offended, insulted, and slandered by the "COALITION OF ANIMOSITY" that this page shines a light on. The particular individuals behind it have been offensively offensive for some years now. They'll never change -don't have the capacity to. They're stuck. Mired in the muck of their own unethical, deceitful poor-spirited characters...

You'll do well to...


Read it and learn...

It is regrettable when the superficial world of the jealous, unethical, deceitful, and dishonest attempts to impose itself like an elementary school bully on the lives of the good, the honest, and the helpful. I personally know of some innocent helpful folks who started out excited about the prospect of getting involved in the world of our dog shows and the ICCF club, and making new friends there, only to receive and/or witness some nasty negative experience of inappropriate unethical behavior perpetrated at the hands of some mean-spirited unprofessional individuals (names and true stories can easily be told) who are associated and affiliated with the ICCF CLUB (the ICCF bulletin board keeper being one of themand especially with the so-called CANE CORSO COALITION. Those negative experiences have opened more eyes than mine to the fact that here in the Cane Corso world there is an element of low caliber people who are rabidly jealous, insecure, deceitful, dishonest, dishonorable, and so shallow and unethical that the innocent newcomer who gets sucker-punched by them like Teresa was, often decide they want nothing more to do with the club. And that's unfortunate because it's people like Teresa with Corsos like Cubilon from breeders like myself who do the breed the most good. Jealousy and animosity are ugly things when those who feel them cannot contain them and it spills over out of their darkened hearts and onto others like overflowing sewage. That is the nature of those behind the CANE CORSO COALITION. It shows their insecurity and little-mindedness. When someone like Dan, Teresa, or Jerry (and there are others who have had their eyes opened to the existance of this nasty element among us) works hard to achieve something positive and noteworthy with their Cane Corso which can only shine a good light on the breed, they should be rewarded with acknowledgement and praise rather than being insulted and put down by a simple-minded, poor-spirited, jealous dim-wit at the Cane Corso Coalition who, after she insults them and verbally slaps them around when she should be offering congratulations and praise, then childishly BLOCKS them from posting their positive success with their Cane Corso on the bulletin board because she is jealous of the accomplishments of someone else's bloodline! Folks who achieve noteworthy successes with their Cane Corsos should be applauded and praised rather than having one of the idiots behind the Cane Corso Coalition actually blocking IP addresses in a jealous rage and unethical effort to keep out positive informative posts regarding superior successful Cane Corsos. It is the M.O. of the individuals behind the Cane Corso Coalition as well as the manager of the ICCF bulletin board to censor the facts nazi-style in an effort to keep the truth from being presented to newcomers and old-timers alike. Such are the pathetic tactics of those individuals. The ONLY motivation that can be behind that kind of childish mentality and activity is jealousy and weak-minded animosity. To not want others to know of a particular dog's significant accomplishments and where that dog came from is nothing more nor less than a sick attempt to hinder the efforts that the real enthusiasts of the breed make to showcase to the public what the good bloodlines can achieve.
Here is a perfect example of what I'm talking about--
The following is a letter I received today from a die-hard Cane Corso lover/owner who has worked -and SUCCEEDED- at accomplishing with her COLOSSEUM SHADOWS Cane Corso what few have done in the Cane Corso world-- Cubilon and Teresa were tested by national evaluators with NASAR (The National Association for Search and Rescue) and passed the Canine SARTECH III exam. That's a good thing -a GREAT thing! Now here's the very sad and pathetic thing-- What did the Cane Corso Coalition do when Teresa excitedly tried to let the world know what a Cane Corso can truly accomplish? They raked her for it, put her down in their childish insecurity, insulted her then blocked her from posting any details of her Cane Corso's accomplishment and bloodline in an effort to keep others from knowing of the significant milestone Teresa's Cane Corso achieved and where it inherited its ability to accomplish such a noteworthy certification. The individuals behind the Cane Corso Coalition are hoping in their small minds and actually making an effort to keep others from knowing what Cubilon has done and where he came from because they hate the thought of anyone else achieving similar noteworthy success as Teresa and many others have done with this superior line of Cane Corso. THAT folks is bald-faced insecurity. It is blatent jealousy. It has NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with bettering the breed. That latter goal of bettering the breed falls completely off their list of priorities as they put "hiding the truth" and "slandering others" far ahead of any pretended concern for the breed. So CONSIDER THE SOURCE! Behind the sham and facade of the name CANE CORSO COALITION is a perfectly clear reflection of a jealous, animosity-filled, immature, elementary school level of mentality as they spew their slander like a swollen sewer trying to hide the truth in an effort to keep it from those who are trying to learn more about the breed and the quality of the bloodlines available. There is nothing here but the truth so no reason to keep it from the world other than more of the same unethical mentality as that of those who run the Cane Corso Coalition. There are apologies owed by them to Teresa, Dan, Jerry, and others and if those apologies are not forthcoming I'm going to start an advertising campaign including magazine ads and collected signatures and true stories verifying everything I'll reveal. I'm tired of the nasty, unprofessional, childish and immature element that is embedded in what should be a fun and enjoyable family environment. I intend to start rooting them out into the light for any and all to see. Here is the letter I just received from someone trying to do our breed good who found that her effort and her Cane Corso's accomplishment were not only unappreciated by the unethical unprofessional individuals at the Cane Corso Coalition but downright DESPISED and put down by them to the point that they blocked her computer IP address so she couldn't post the info about her Corso's achievement on their bulletin board in their green-eyed jealous attempt to keep the truth from coming out. This webpage stands as an unfortunate but honest introduction to the Cane Corso world, letting everyone know of the unprofessionalism that they can expect to find embedded in the Cane Corso world like fat ticks on a dog. This page will eventually contain several other true stories and verifying signatures of people who have been insulted, offended, and treated unethically by people pretending to be Cane Corso enthusiasts. To those at the ICCF who stand in places of responsibility where newcomers depend on you for honest reporting and all the facts: you will only show yourself in an honest, fair, and good light by allowing the truth rather than covering it up. Because I intend to make sure the truth does come out and is readily available to anyone looking into the Cane Corso world for valid, pertinant, and important Cane Corso info. If you decide to be fair and honest, you'll look much better when it's all made public and revealed. If you should however choose to continue as the "Coalition Of Convicts" has you'll only show yourself and your association to be of the same "type" and having the same cheap animosity-motivated attitude as those at the Cane Corso Coalition. I've been aware of the nature and unethical behavior of those at the Coalition for some time now and have simply chosen to ignor rather than participating in their nastiness. I had chosen to just consider the source and let them do their nasty thing. But when I received this letter from Teresa and see them hammering and bashing innocent newcomers to the breed whose sole motivation is to prove the breed and show it in a good light, I see that it's time to get out the battle axe and start defending those who come with a desire to learn and to do the breed right. Or as my old Uncle would say, It's time to load both barrels and go hunting skunk. Teresa was excited about her accomplishment with Cubilon -as she should be. She has a right to be excited and to want to share her accomplishment! ANYONE who is TRULY GENUINELY interested in this breed and in what a true Cane Corso from a good line can accomplish would NEVER stoop to the low level of poor ethics and actions that the Cane Corso Coalition has shown themselves capable of in their low-life treatment of Teresa and others. She didn't deserve the inappropriate behavior dished out by the couple of jealous and cheap individuals behind the Cane Corso Coalition. They should have been congratulating her for her accomplishment with Cubi and praising her Corso's breeding. But you know what they say-- If it smells like a skunk, and walks like a skunk, GUESS WHAT. No one new to the breed deserves to have their lack of knowledge taken advantage of and played as suckers by the coalition as they dish out their jealous and animosity-motivated slanders of others. My advice to anyone with the sense to understand what they'll see in Teresa's letter just below: CONSIDER THE SOURCE when it comes to anything coming from the Cane Corso Coalition.

"Hello Randy,

Yesterday Cubilon and I were tested by national evaluators with NASAR (The National Association for Search and Rescue) and passed the Canine SARTECH III exam !!!!

He is indeed a certified dog with NASAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I tried to post this info on the Cane Corso Coalition board but was RAKED over the coals. I have not posted there since all the BS and it appears that the prejudiced moderator blocked my IP addresses because she did not like what I had to say. So, I will go to a paid service and post it in the next few days. She an idiot. Sorry, but that whole incident makes me mad and I want people to see what great dogs you have produced.

Here are a few more photos. I have a magnificent dog and absolutely adore him !!!!!

Thanks, T.ann"

>>> click here for CUBI photo 1 <<<

>>> CUBI photo 2 <<<

>>> CUBI photo 3 <<<

>>> CUBI photo 4 <<<

>>> CUBI photo 5 <<<

>>> CUBI photo 6 <<<

to Teresa and Cubilon Del Colosseo!!!!
You two have done much more to move the breed forward in the eyes of the public than the Coalition ever will. They in fact move it all backward by their poor-spirited examples of nastiness that they've been setting since their lame organization was established under the false pretense of "bettering the breed". That's got to be one of the biggest jokes in the Corso world. But You and Cubi are no joke :-). You two are for real as is his solid breeding. You can't separate the breeding/genetics from the dog and his accomplishment just as you can't separate the expert training/handling from it -NO ONE can! Those who try are not only in denial, but show themselves to be dishonest and deceitful, unethical, unfair-minded, poor-spirited, animosity-ridden, immature, childish, bullyish, stupid, and worst of all not beneficial or good for the breed. Teresa, all of us with a true appreciation and concern for this breed applaud you for your accomplishment! Keep up the good work and remember--


(subsequent email from Teresa with more detail)--
"Randy...note that I was blocked for standing up for you [a breeding program that produces exceptional Cane Corsos], also for arguing with her over posting CUBI'S FULL/REGISTERED NAME. She did not want anyone knowing it was your dog and that I was a happy customer.
A week later, a kennel she approves of posted photos at a recent show. They also posted links to their personal CORSO site, where they sell dogs, which is of course against her rules, yet she let it stand . We had huge email fights over how biased she is, then I stopped posting. I just found out yesterday that she had blocked my IP ranges, because neither computer was allowed to post."

Talk with you later,

Three lessons to be learned here:

  1. If it talks like an unethical insecure assbite, acts like an unethical insecure assbite, and rudely bullies and insults good people like Teresa, GUESS WHAT!

  2. If it looks like a superior quality Italian Cane Corso, works like a superior quality Italian Cane Corso, achieves successes and awards and serves like a Cane Corso ought to, GUESS WHAT!

  3. If you want a Cane Corso like Cubi, Guess Where!

In all three cases, one would do well to CONSIDER THE SOURCE.
I'll continue to produce and place top quality Cane Corsos while those behind the CANE CORSO COALITION will continue to produce and dispense raw sewage in the form of slanders, poor ethics, deceit, unfairness, rudeness, and nazi-style censoring of truth and facts. Which do you prefer?

Does anyone honestly think any truth can come out of the joke that is the Cane Corso Coalition? If so, how to sift it from her animosity-filled rhetoric and BS? Bottom line is there's no safe way in the world to trust anyone as unethical as those who operate the sewage gates at the CANE CORSO COALITION.


Here's an UPDATE of more of their same crap--

Teresa was FINALLY able to post her success with Cubi on the CCC bulletin board, but ONLY under the guise of another name: "SARTECH". She was not allowed to use HER OWN NAME! Among the few congratulatory responses to her post was this one by a "Paulo"--

"Momentous occasion!!!.......please feel free to post details and more pics of your handsome SAR Corso "CUBILON."

From Randall C. Todd:
Dear Lisa Mandelios and Melissa Harvey of the "honorable" Cane Corso Coalition--

I had to shake my head when I read this one "Feel free to post more details of SAR Cubi" Paulo says. If Paulo only knew the truth, eh??! Do you have the guts/integrity/fortitude to tell your own readers (like Paulo here) who ignorantly trust you, that Teresa already tried to post more details of Cubi and his achievement as only the intelligent readers of your board would want, only to be childishly insulted by the blocking of her IP address by some little-minded, argumentative, unethical, jealous, "I'll-think-for-our-readers-because-they-can't-do-it-for-themselves" mentality behind your "information-oriented" (that's a joke) Coalition. Or perhaps Paulo is one of yours with the same type of poor ethics that you espouse. Perhaps Paulo here already KNOWS what went on behind the scenes with your poor treatment of Teresa and he knows that you won't allow her to post more detail so is just taunting Teresa here with his invitation to post more detail. I don't know if that's true but if he's a regular on your board I wouldn't be surprised because, as the old saying goes, "birds of a feather flock together".
Our satisfaction is knowing that YOU know -as do many others- what catagory your ethics fit in when you do what you did to Teresa -and to Paulo here as well (if he's truly an innocent mislead bystander) by keeping what he wants to know away from him -without his knowledge. You can't hide your nasty behind the scenes activities and insults and nazi-style censoring of the truth from everyone forever. It's time someone turned the light on and exposed you for who and what you are.
-Randall C. Todd

UPDATE: I tried to post a congratulations to Teresa and Cubi on the ICCF bulletin board as I had formerly attempted to do the same regarding Dan Kiersted and his Diamonte, only to find my congratulations once again unposted and discarded by John Finn of the ICCF. It gets worse. To post anything, we are required to include our personal email address which I did. Rather than personally emailing me, he publicly posted a slanderous statement to me on the board knowing his statement would appear unchallenged because he won't allow a response from me to be posted. Now consider the fairness and the mentality of that. Consider the obvious insecurity in his nature. and finally, consider the ethics behind it. Is this the kind of behavior you want from the officers of the club you send your $$dues to? Would you really feel comfortable sending your money to people with that type of mentality? You be the judge for a minute here. Here is the copy of the congratulations I tried to post on the ICCF public bulletin board to Teresa for her achievement with Cubilon--
>"CONGRATULATIONS to you T.ann for your wonderful noteworthy accomplishment with Cubilon. As your breeder I wanted to publicly congratulate you as is most certainly my right and privilege and as other breeders are consistantly allowed that privilege here. I hope that this positive congratulations will be allowed to post because I have previously had my positive genuine congratulations to others who have attained noteworthy achievements with their Cane Corsos discarded by the moderator here. Any and all noteworthy achievements and any positive congratulations that are rightfully deserved by any successful Cane Corso and it's owner/handler ought to be not only posted to showcase to the world what our breed is capable of, but would be posted ENTHUSIASTICALLY by any honest and decent bulletin board moderator who would have the breed's best interest at heart. I think we all would be pleasantly surprised at just how many individuals of our breed would go out and attain nationally noteable accomplishments and certificates under expert training and handling as Cubilon has had with Teresa. So again, my congratulations Teresa to you and Cubilon!

NOTE: As you can plainly see I did NOT include Cubi's full registered name in this attempted post as that would not be acceptable by Mr. John "Ethics" Finn (though it has been acceptable to him at times if the breeder has happened to be a friend of his). Neither did I include mention of my public breed program name, "COLOSSEUM SHADOWS". I left that out as well hoping that my genuine congrats to Teresa and Cubi would be allowed to post. But even with this being a simple genuine positive congratulatory post which obviously fit the "ethical" criteria and requirements for posting there, it was denied, trashed, AND PUBLICALLY REBUTTED with this dishonest and deceitful post by Mr. John "Ethics" Finn of the ICCF--
"Mr. Todd has attempted to post an advertisement claiming it to be a "congratulatory" post hence it has been removed. It also has been disallowed as it contained slanders toward other breeders."

I attempted to post an honest response in defense of such a blatent lie, but found that Mr. John Finn is indeed a little insecure man in hiding. He allowed his slander to stand as a public post while disallowing me a rightful and fair post in defense. NOTE: Finn's antics have been condoned/sanctioned by the ICCF club as they have allowed that type of conduct from him and others among them. I have no interest in being a part of a club like that and sadly shake my head at those who have and are doing so in ignorance. The aim of this page is to shed light on the seriously poor ethics and behind-the-scenes conduct which is perpetrated and allowed by some of those governing the ICCF club.

Pass this page around the Cane Corso world. If anyone knows of anyone who has been insulted, lied to, cheated by, slandered, or otherwise poorly, unfairly, and unethically dealt with by any sick individuals at the Cane Corso Coalition or the ICCF, write me and tell your story (be sure it's true and accurate! I'm not interested in stooping to their pathetic level of deceit and slander). It's time the truth be known. Comments and feedback about this page are also welcome at--
Click here^ to email me.


Some responses from others to the sad state of the clubs/organizations spotlighted on this page--

From: Brett Hessenius
Subject: Fortis, Cane Corso
Date: Sun, 27 Mar 2005 11:47:07 -0600

Dear Todd,
It has been awhile since I last visited you web site. It has always been educational and informative. Sadly to say though, this visit was also very upsetting. The section on "Consider The Source" has reminded me that the corruptness in the Cane Corso world is still alive and thriving. I have not been involved in either of the CC organizations for some time nor have I kept up with the breed's successes or shortcomings. I have been way to busy enjoying the best friend I could ever have wished for. Fortis, the pup you sold me and my family 5 yrs ago has and continues to be the most unbelievable dog I ever owned or could hope to own. He loves everyone and seems to want nothing more than to be worked and loved. He will go as hard as you could ever want with a drive I have never seen and in a moments time lay on his side to allow a child to rub his belly. He is quite an amazing animal and I could spend hours telling you stories about his accomplishments large and small. You know though Todd, it's not the accomplishments that most think of like shows and competitions it's what he brings as friend to me, my family and anyone who is fortunate enough to know him. Wherever I take him he is remembered and leaves a lasting and positive impression not only on himself but on what this breed has to offer. My family and I thank you for a wonderful friend, Fortissima Del Colosseo. Oh yea, I am not sure if you knew or not but Fortis was Mr. November, 2001 as well as the featured Cane Corso on the cover of the 2002 Cane Corso Coalition calendar. Oh well it sounds as if times have changed. We will be wanting to add another pup to the family soon so please keep me informed as to your next expected breeding. I look forward to talking with you soon.
Best Regards,
Brett Hessenius

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