The Cane Corso featured in our logo above is Colosseum Shadows' own
whose name is a mix of Latin & Italian that means "#1 Of The COLOSSEUM"


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Primus of Colosseum Shadows
is the son of
Lucca Brazzi and 2xCh.'Bacci' di Morte.
Primus's mother, Bacci, was the International Cane Corso Federation's 1994 "Bitch Of The Year" and is the grandaughter of

The great......................

3xCh. Cocomo

................of Bel Monte

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Cocomo was an Italian import- a member of the very first litter of Cane Corso brought to the U.S. from Italy in 1988. Cocomo was the #1 Cane Corso in '91 & '92 (he won 43 Best Of Breeds without a defeat during these years). He was also a 5x Best In Show Winner, Winner of The Tournament Of Champions, Winner of the 1993 ICCF National Specialty... In short, Cocomo was the Ideal Cane Corso and is a great-grandfather, great-uncle, and 2x great-great-uncle of Colosseum Shadows' PRIMUS.

Primus is also the brother and littermate to Grand CH. Smokey who is one of only 7 or 8 Grand Champion Cane Corsos in the world as of mid-year 2000 and who is the 1998 & '99 "Dog Of The Year". Primus and Smokey are near twins and are very similar in size, type, and build.

Colosseum Shadows Peperoncina Rovente
is the daughter of
Grand CH. Prince Del Cerberus
Zanna Di Lamia.

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Pepe's father, GR.CH. Prince, one of only 7 or 8 Grand Champion Cane Corso as of mid-year 2000, was a top Cane Corso the 1st two years following his importation to the USA around 1995 and is the son of CH. Arras, a well known Cane Corso in Italy who has been featured in CANI magazine in Italy -the equivalent of America's "Dog World" magazine.

GR.CH. Prince is also the brother of
World Champion Paco.




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