(Dancing Bear)


the largest of the "Super-6"
(Cocomo's big brother)

One of the "Super-6" Champions of the U.S. foundation litter imported from Italy in 1988.


All Cane Corso enthusiasts will truly appreciate the following VERY RARE photos of the late, great CH.ALARIC'S BALLO ORSO who was tragically lost to the Cane Corso world in an unfortunate accident at around the young age of 3 years ...and after siring ONLY ONE LITTER.
...Ballo Orso was among that very first litter of Italian Cane Corso imported to the Americas in 1988. He was a littermate of 3xCH.Cocomo along with CH.Duro, CH.Bruno, CH.Tori (the smallest of the 5 champion males, at 115.lbs), and CH.Malocchia (the only female champion in the litter). Ballo was Cocomo's only larger littermate - he was Cocomo's big brother. As Ballo only produced a single litter, there are but a very few individuals of this breed called Cane Corso that can claim Ballo Orso as a progenitor. This small but elite group of Cane Corso includes 2xCH.Czardas De Morte (Ballo's son and member of his sole litter), Czar's Lucca Brazzi, Czar's Zanna Di Lamia, COLOSSEUM SHADOWS' Primus Del Colosseo, Primus's littermate and brother Grand CH. Smokey who has become well known within the rank and file of the ICCF, their older brother Vaccaro, and COLOSSEUM SHADOWS' Peperoncina Rovente. Those few Corso owners whose dogs descend from Ballo's single solitary litter- hence from Ballo Orso himself, will be especially excited (I was ecstatic!!) to be able to finally view these rare and special photographs of a special Cane Corso from that special and historic 1988 litter. We have had the priviledge of feasting our eyes on the other Champions from this historic 1988 litter thru the activities and advertisements of the breeders who have owned them, shown them, and have used them at stud in their breeding programs. Sadly, because of his early demise which cut short a promising show career -and also due to the fact that he had spent most of his short life with a family who were much more involved with the breeding and showing of Neapolitan Mastiffs, there just weren't that many photos taken of Ballo. Until now, the great Ballo Orso had been literally "left out of the picture". It has been a long wait for all of us who are truly enthusiastic about this wonderful breed and their history both here in America and in Italy -Too long! I was lucky enough to locate the person (by sheer chance I might add) who owned Ballo from puppyhood when she obtained him from the Sottiles, to just a few months or weeks prior to the accident which caused his death. He had been delivered back to Kathy Sottile who had taken him and restarted his show career, earned his Championship, and then lost him to an unfortunate accident...
I'd like to take the time here -for myself -and on behalf of every true Cane Corso enthusiast out there with a genuine interest in this breed- to share my appreciation and gratitude towards Carol Paulsen of La Tutela Neapolitans- Ballo's "Mom" for most of his short life- who took the time to answer my many questions about Ballo, ...and for digging thru her cache of old photos in search of that which I, and most others had never before seen ...pictures of CH.BALLO ORSO!
(Carol's Neapolitan website located at:

And now, after all these years (and all my rambling), COLOSSEUM SHADOWS™ Cane Corso is proud to be the one to bring forth and unveil to the Cane Corso world, the long awaited images of Cocomo's big brother--
the great CH. ALARIC'S BALLO ORSO...


Click below for more images of

CH.Ballo Orso:

Ballo photo #2

Ballo photo #3

Ballo photo #4

Young Ballo (5 months)

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