(Humans, take notes!)

by Randall C. Todd

We ALL need a loyal friend. We should all BE a loyal friend. One thing we can count on -our dog WILL BE -even in spite of us. You will see it when you look in its bright eyes when you talk to it and it's looking into yours ...and in its obvious feeling and desire to be around you and near you as much as it can be. There are two good things that I have NO DOUBT God gave for the benefit and upliftment of men -to bring them happiness, and to inspire character growth & development in their courser "macho" natures. Those two things are: loyal, loving, compassionate, patient, good women to be our wives, our councellors, our companions & best friends ...And dogs, which offer us at least 4 of the 5 qualities I've listed for women ("compassion" is probably on a level a bit higher than a dog is capable of operating on -and unfortunatly, some shallow people as well). There's no question in my mind about the inate goodness -and influence for good- of these two of God's most crowning creations and assistants with Him in His effort & endeavor to help men replace their "male courseness" with quality characteristics. We men would do well to develop and return to these faithful, loving, patient friends these higher traits they bring to us. Unfortunately, while nearly every dog will loyally, happily, and unblinkingly fulfill the measure of its creation towards its man, there are many women who won't. And for every woman who won't, there are probably 3 or 4 or more men who won't acknowledge the women who do -and without making an effort to return her loyalty, her love, her compassion, patience, & goodness, many men in their courseness make it difficult for the woman in their life to consistently demonstrate her higher traits. That's a shame -on men! ...But whether we are man or woman, one thing is constant and sure:
The allegiance of our dog is true. We can ALWAYS count on our dogs to consistently demonstrate these higher traits and offer us the loyal friendship we all need & desire but don't always deserve. Whether we make it hard on them or not, they are there for us...faithfully, loyally, patiently, lovingly, unblinkingly.

...To Err Is Human - To Forgive, Canine.

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