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Cane Corso

To those interested in the COLOSSEUM SHADOWS line of Italian Cane Corso:

COLOSSEUM SHADOWS Cane Corso produces only 1 to 4 litters per year (Sometimes 1, sometimes 3. Rarely 4 [once in 11 years]. Usually 2). We are definitely not a puppy mill and the Cane Corso used in our breeding program are housepets and companions 1st and foremost. We don't have so many dogs (only 6 to 8) that they have to be kept in rows of kennels and cages in the backyard like most breeder's dogs are kept (ours are housedogs -genuine family companions which also have the run of separated mini-yards that are 20 ft X 40 ft minimum) -and there aren't so few children living here (ONLY seven kids [2 sets of twins in there]) that we can't give each dog plenty of attention, and PLENTY they get!! (and Cane Corsos LOVE IT) -and that also goes for the pups while they're here for their important & influential 1st 7 or 8 weeks of life. Our customer's families are the beneficiaries of this great socialization foundation which is so very important with this breed, and the great kid-loving temperament of our customer's Colosseum Shadows Corsos resulting from the foundation they're started with here is very obvious in the very positive updates we are constantly receiving on them from our customers -and from those who call because they have met one of our customer's Corsos out there and have fallen in love with the breed because of the great COLOSSEUM SHADOWS temperament & personality, not to mention that jaw-dropping COLOSSEUM SHADOWS "look" with our line's 2nd-to-none very muscular & statuesque build. COLOSSEUM SHADOWS Italian Cane Corsos are simply THE FINEST, most well-rounded ambassadors for the breed you will find anywhere.

The few exclusive well-bred Cane Corso pups we produce each year are sold on a "reserved in advance" basis -usually well in advance.

The price for quality, showable COLOSSEUM SHADOWS pups which conform to the standard for the breed (no serious or disqualifying faults) is $1950. You can compare that to $1500 - $2000 most Corso breeders charge for their pups. Several breeders are now charging $2,500 to $3,000 per pup and I know of a breeder who sold a pup for $5,000. The purchaser of THAT one was a customer of mine who already had a COLOSSEUM SHADOWS dog and wanted the one they paid $5,000 for as a mate for the one they purchased from me for $1800. The $5,000 dog has since had hip surgury to correct a bad case of dysplasia. They've since told me on several occasions that the one they got from me is by far the better dog -in health, drive, athleticism, AND appearance. The only extra you get with the more expensive breeder's dogs is the "priviledge" of paying more. Depending on which breeder you choose, you can get just as good and very often a better quality, better looking Corso going with a pup from a breeder who charges $1500 to $2,000. Of course, there are those who charge the standard $1500 to $2000 as well as $2500-$3000 who also produce a high incidence of bad hips and "UNcorso-looking" Corsos (that's a polite way of saying ugly). The fact is that most of the biggest name, most noteworthy Cane Corsos out there, champion or otherwise, have come from breeders who charge $1500-$2000. Think about it. Put 2 & 2 together ;-)

Deposits are $500. A deposit is a down-payment. Deposits are required to reserve a pup. A reservation is the placement of an order -IT IS A PURCHASE. I breed to YOUR order, so take sending your deposit seriously. I do. When you send a deposit, that means you've already exercised forethought, planning, and preparation, made your decision to obtain a COLOSSEUM SHADOWS Cane Corso and are PREPARED, WILLING, and ABLE (financially, physically, emotionally, and in any other ways necessary) to live up to the COMMITMENT & RESPONSIBILITY of having made that decision. Understand clearly that pups aren't some factory manufactured item off a Wal-Mart shelf! They're REAL living, breathing, growing, feeling things! The decision to purchase one of my pups is made WHEN THE DOWN-PAYMENT/DEPOSIT IS SENT for the purpose of reserving one, NOT when you finally pay the balance or receive the pup. Think & plan ahead. If you won't be able to afford the balance due when due or you won't be able to accept delivery of your pup when the pup has reached delivery age, then DON'T send a deposit reserving one of my Italian Cane Corso pups. Once I receive your reservation deposit THE PUP HAS BEEN PURCHASED. If on the rare occasion the breeding doesn't produce a litter or there is a smaller number of pups born in the litter than we normally produce, then anyone on the reservation list for whom there were no pups produced will shift to the following litter(s) reservation list. The COLOSSEUM SHADOWS guarantee is that when a pup is produced for you it will be of the top conforming quality that you ordered with your reservation and no less. Consistent production of top quality and conformity to what the breed was when it was first imported to the western hemisphere is something COLOSSEUM SHADOWS Cane Corso does better than anyone else and visits to the various Cane Corso breeder's kennels and websites to compare what they produce to what COLOSSEUM SHADOWS produces will only confirm that. There are no wide swings in type here as you will see with most other breeders of Cane Corso. So with all that said, if you change your mind while waiting for your pup or the balance is not paid when due or you can't take delivery of the pup at delivery time, you will forfeit your deposit and an effort will be made to place the pup with someone else. Another point along these lines that helps define this policy: it's not uncommon at all that after I've received your deposit and placed you on the order/reservation list, someone will call and want your reservation spot. And because I won't sell it to them because I've already sold it to YOU (even when they offer to pay me several hundred dollars more than you in an effort to BUY your pup out from under you), when I won't sell your pup to them they'll often go to some other breeder to get their Cane Corso. At that point I've essentially sent a potential customer to my competition and lost the opportunity to place a pup because of my loyalty, commitment, and responsibility to YOU and to YOUR down-payment/reservation.

COLOSSEUM SHADOWS Cane Corso will accept reservation deposits made with bank "'CASHIER'S' checks" or money orders sent via Fed-Ex (No "'certified' bank checks" will be accepted!! A "'certified' check" is not the same as a bank "'cashier's check"). I also accept instant reservation down-payments made with VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover card, or an electronic transfer from your bank account. This is facilitated thru either the online Paypal money transfer service or Western Union's telephone/credit card money transfer service. With Paypal, you can conveniently use your major credit card to send a down-payment, instantly reserving a COLOSSEUM SHADOWS Cane Corso pup. The convenience is really nice, but the real benefit here is that you are ensured that your deposit arrives before the next person's. Using your major credit card to place your deposit means an INSTANTLY BOOKED puppy reservation. This immediately secures your position on the reservation list so that no one else can jump in line in front of you (a situation I've seen happen on several occasions) while you would otherwise wait days for the mail to deliver your deposit.

The Paypal money transfer service is not only instant and convenient, it's also the least expensive money transfer service available. Compare--

In each of the above instances, you MUST include the amount of the applicable transfer fee IN ADDITION TO the $500 deposit when sending.

As noted above, when using your credit card to place your deposit, Paypal's charge is only 2.9% of the amount transfered ($15 to send $500) -and there are no hidden fees when using Paypal.
*And when using your credit card with Paypal, the transfer is treated as a REGULAR PURCHASE by your credit card, not as a cash advance, so there are NO FEES charged by your credit card other than the interest rate your credit card charges for regular purchases -and you can avoid those interest charges completely by paying off the amount within your credit card's 20 to 30 day grace period. The alternative would be to use Western Union's over-the-telephone credit card money transfer service to wire me your deposit as many of my customers used to do to secure their pup reservations before I established my Paypal account. Not anymore! While Paypal's charge is very nominal, again, just $15 for every $500 sent, Western Union charges $53 to use their telephone service and your credit card to wire $500, and $43 if you send $500 cash from one of their stations to another -still expensive, and not really convenient. Since establishing my account with Paypal, it's been the preferred way that COLOSSEUM SHADOWS customers with VISA's, MasterCard's, American Express, Discover cards, and bank accounts have chosen to send their deposits to reserve their Cane Corso pup. Paypal emails me notice of receipt of each deposit sent to my account and the exact time it was made along with who from and any message the customer has attached to it.

Paypal is convenient for me - convenient, quick, and inexpensive for you.

An alternative for those who don't have a major credit card, or for those who would simply prefer wiring an electronic transfer of funds from your bank account-- you can instruct Paypal to have your bank make a direct deposit of the down-payment/reservation amount ($500) from your regular bank account directly into my Paypal account (don't forget to include the additional $15 [per each $500 sent] transaction fee which Paypal deducts in the process)

Another alternative (but a couple of days slower) is to FED-EX your deposit overnight (*If you elect to use this option, send bank "'cashier's' check" or money orders ONLY -no personal checks, and no "'certified' bank checks").

We reserve the right to refuse placement or sale of our Cane Corsos to anyone at our sole discretion. In the case of a down payment having already been made by anyone who we have so refused, we will immediately reverse/return the down payment to the sender.

-Randall C. Todd,
ph: 520-297-4554

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VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card, and electronic fund transfers.
NOTE: Near the last step of the reservation process you will be provided a text field to provide me with your information. You MUST include--
  1. Your NAME
  2. Your ADDRESS
  4. SEX of the pup you are reserving
  5. Whether or not you have a desire to have the EARS CROPPED
  7. PHONE ME at 520-297-4554 to confirm your reservation


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