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4-step Tutorial

  1. Click the "START" button (located at the bottom-left corner of your screen in the bottom "Taskbar").

  2. Now look for either "APPEARANCE AND THEMES" or "SETTINGS" or "CONTROL PANEL" or "DISPLAY".

  3. Click any and all of those in whatever order they come up until you see "SCREEN RESOLUTION".

  4. a) Click the Screen Resolution to the setting of your choice.
    b) Click the "YES" and/or "OK" button(s) (don't forget this step or it won't "take").

    *NOTE: about 50%-55% of people use the 1024 x 768 setting (I prefer it and recommend it) --about 30%-35% use the 800 x 600 setting. You can try both and see what you think.

  5. Now that you've verified or reset your screen resolution setting, you're done and don't need the "Settings" page anymore so let's minimize it and get it out of the way--
    • a) click the little "Minimize" window button (the one with the tiny dash in it) at the top-right of the "SETTINGS" window/page to get that window/page out of the way. Now you're back at the "Screen Resolution Tutorial" page I provided you (the one you just printed).
    • b) Now you can use the button link I've provided below to click "BACK" to exactly the place on the website from which you came.

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