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The Cane Corso pictured in our logo above is COLOSSEUM SHADOWS own
whose name is a mix of Latin and Italian which means "King Of The Colosseum".

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(Italian for "Red-hot Chilipepper")
We call her "Pepe"

THE RIGHT STUFF? Where do you get it?
Is there really a difference in bloodlines?

Do some breeder's Cane Corsos look better than others?
Do some bloodlines perform better? More intelligent, more stable?

We produce The Real Thing.
Real, Working, Purebred Italian Cane Corso.
Very eager to please - Affectionate - Very Family Oriented.
Naturally/instinctually submissive to each family member, including the youngest children.


(with the looks to go with it!)

The proof is in the product.

Founded in 1996, COLOSSEUM SHADOWS was among the first to begin breeding the Italian Cane Corso in the Western Hemisphere. There were only about 6 or 7 other Cane Corso breeders in operation at the time. Of those first few, most are no longer around. Year after year, COLOSSEUM SHADOWS' superior Cane Corsos have consistently proven the worth and value of our program's genetics and strong contribution to the betterment of the breed. Compared to others our Cane Corsos excel -in intelligence, work drive, strength & agility, temperament, one of the best percentages of sound working hips to be found in the Cane Corso world -and to top it all off, ours look better than most!

COLOSSEUM SHADOWS is the breeder/producer of CUBILON DEL COLOSSEO. "Cubi" successfully passed the very difficult NASAR (National Association Of Search & Rescue) SARtech III exam, becoming the first and only nationally certified Search and Rescue Cane Corso in the history of the breed (other breeder's Corsos have tried and failed but it was a COLOSSEUM SHADOWS Corso that did it).

COLOSSEUM SHADOWS is the breeder/producer of the IRONDOG world record holder DIAMONTE DEL COLOSSEO: Most weight ever pulled on a flat sled by any dog of any breed in the IRONDOG competition/trials. This was done in late 2004 at the largest IRONDOG turnout to that date. He also took 1st place overall at those trials which included competition for best demonstration of personal protection and a timed sprint.

is the breeder/producer of
Certified Service/Therapy Dog.

And COLOSSEUM SHADOWS has produced many Cane Corsos which have achieved the CGC (Canine Good Citizen) title, further proving the stable temperaments and superior quality of the COLOSSEUM SHADOWS line.

Why settle for 2nd rate?

Consider the source.


28 inches at the shoulder / 145 lbs

This website is dedicated to the genuine Italian coursing mastiff: the rare & ancient rustic working breed known as the Italian Cane Corso - and to the genuine breeders of such who have worked them, and brought them down to us through the dusty centuries of their use. You are now located within the "ENTRY PORTAL" to one of the largest, most comprehensive & detail oriented websites on the world-wide-web dedicated to this unique Italian breed. Beyond this photo of our own COLOSSEUM SHADOWS produced "Cerberus Del Colosseo" you'll find an additional 50+ photos of other Italian Cane Corso mastiffs throughout the many other pages here on the COLOSSEUM SHADOWS website which are proudly posted for your viewing pleasure and education -most of them the product of the COLOSSEUM SHADOWS breeding program. And if you're looking for information on this breed beyond pictorial -whether it be historical, conformation, temperament, and more, this is the place!

Here is what some visitors have had to say after exploring the COLOSSEUM SHADOWS website:
(You can read their comments in full and chisel out your own on "THE WALL OF VISITOR'S REMARKS" which is only one of the many places you can find at the COLOSSEUM DIRECTORY)...

"This is without question the most complete and informative site on the Italian Cane Corsos anywhere. In looking for the ultimate guard/house dog you have provided me with a wealth of knowledge, Mr. Todd. Primus seems like an awsome example of this great breed, and I have looked at a lot of sites on the Cane Corso. Thanks, again Mr. Todd."
-Steve Mattfeld - Spokane, Washington

"...After viewing every (and I mean every one!) website on the internet related to Italian Cane Corsos, yours is unequivocably the very best!...Your dogs look better than the ones advertised in the Italian websites!..."
-Scott McCall - Colorado

"We've been gathering as much information as possible on Italian cane corso mastiffs because we would like one as our next family member. I've seen a lot of sites on this breed and none can compare to this one. This site has it all: great-looking dogs and a wealth of information. Well done!"
-Dave Marriner - Pinewood Springs, Colorado

"This site is fantastic!...[It] is the most detail informative site I've come across regarding the ICCF/FIC Italian Cane Corsos. Your pictures, narratives and especially pedigrees are probably the best place to get historical information regarding the ICCF/FIC lineage. I've also read your commentary on the CC Pages BB, and find it very refreshing that someone sucessfully chimes in with another point of view...Keep up the good work, it's important for the breeders of this exceptional dog to be as informed and diligent as yourself."
-Fred Larson - West Milford, New Jersey

Hi Mr. Todd, I must tell you how much I've enjoyed visiting your site. I have become quite impressed with Cane Corsos, specifically yours. When I learned of the breed, I wanted to know more. I had gone to several other websites before I found yours, and your dogs are what I would call "originals". I know that one of your dogs is definitely in my future! It would be great to have a dog that is indigenous to the homeland of my ancestors (Italy and Sicily). Thank-you for producing such a wonderful site. I am just so excited to have learned about your Cane Corsos. They are magnificent!
-Diana (Cipriotti) Reed - Agua Dulce, CA
PS: Just love the name of your kennel, too!

"...I am very impressed with your website as well as how informative it is. I can say without reservation that your site is the most thorough of all of the Italian Corso sites that I've seen, and I have more than 50 sites bookmarked. Keep up the good work..."
-Chip Harris - Kansas City, Missouri

"Mr. Todd, I was visiting your website after having seen your ad in Dogs-USA magazine...There were a lot of ads for this breed in the magazine, most with websites, and I wanted to let you know yours was by far the most informative..."
-Steve Bell - Houston, Texas

"...Your website is really great--and believe me, I've been to all of them! I am sold. I just think that these are some of the best dogs I've ever seen..."
-Renee - Lafayette, California

"...I want to credit you with your devotion and passion to your breeding and for setting the record straight with facts to a large group of people who, like me, didn't know much about the true history of this amazing breed of canine...this breed in my mind is the perfect breed of dog...I can't think of a more perfect picture. I've done a ton of research on this breed, but your website is the most informative I've come across. Thank you for that..."
-Paul Hutchinson - Puget Sound

"Mr. Todd thank you for such an informative website! (spent three hours and covered it all, enjoying every minute!)...it seems this may be the dog that has the best of all qualities that appeal to me and my family (temperment, size, agility, intelligance, loyalty, protection, etc.). Your pictures are great!..."
Future Corso Owner,
-Frank Pineda - Colorado

What a great site for Cane information! Thank you so much for taking the time to put it together. I have spent two hours exploring, and still didn't see everything!..."
-Debi Massey - Scottsdale, Arizona

"...I want to tell you what a great website you have...I have been looking into corso breeders, and from your website, I can tell that you are a breeder who is highly concerned about breeding a stable dog and a true family member. You have wonderful advice and pictures..."
-Angela Poulos - Rochester, Minnesota

"...I liked your DOGS USA Gallery Page - it was the most informative and I thought your Corsos were the best looking of the lot!!"
-Kathleen Ellertson - Moore, Oklahoma

"Dear Randall...Hello, how are you and your family? Hope all is well. My name is Shanna and let me say that WOW is all I could say about your site the first time I visited. Actually, the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and so on. :) No other site that I have seen can compare to yours in pictures and information. There is so much information, opinions and comments that I haven't yet been through it all..."
-Shanna Rae

"Mr.Todd...Your article about the "pretty" dog compared to the "working" dog is the best article i've read and says excactly what i've been trying to tell people but never have the words...I'm fascinated with the Italian CC and must learn more about them...your dogs are unbelievable!... Please Email me a response, I must know what happened to Ballo. Thank you very much for your time."
-Jim Luttrull

"Mr. Todd, I have worked in the field of law enforcement for more than twenty years, and have had the pleasure of observing some of the most remarkable examples of police canines in the history of the profession. I recently witnessed canine trials in which a Cane Corso was put through the paces and to the test. I must confess, rarely have I witnessed such courage, character, strength, intelligence, obedience, and agility in any dog as that which I saw in the Cane Corso. At 29" at the withers and 155lbs., he was nothing less than "poetry in motion." He certainly made a believer out of me that day. Until then, the Rottweiler was my favorite breed of dog, and the only breed in which I would place my unqualified trust -- but, now -- that has changed... The Cane Corso now shares that distinction.

-Eric N. Banks
Attorney-Advisor to the Inspector General
U.S. Department Of The Treasury
Washington, DC
[these words are the honest observations and feelings of Mr. Banks. He is speaking for himself, not the Inspector General of the U.S. Department of the Treasury]

Mr. Todd, I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate all the time you have obviously put into such a wonderful website. Your dogs are remarkable and beautiful! Apparently other breeders have noticed and covet your high standards. I was appalled to learn that another breeder had been found using pictures in their ads of Cane Corsos you had produced without your permission to sell their litters. That is deceptive but it also shows where your dogs stand among the others.
One of many who admire your program,
-Lisa - California
[NOTE: a little more detail on that particular incident, and more background info on the character of those involved...That particular kennel actually used a photo of only one of my dogs which I had bred and sold to a customer of mine who lived in their area of the country. The dishonest owners of Dogs Of War did obtain a photo of that beautiful Colosseum Shadows Cane Corso from the owner and did indeed use it in their ads without notice to the reader that it wasn't their product and that they didn't own it in an unethical dishonest attempt to mislead everyone who saw it into believing that they had produced such a beautiful Cane Corso.
More behind the scenes goings-on at Dogs Of War: owner Harry Bowers now operates his "honest & ethical" breeding program from in prison through his wife, Kelli. He and Kelli had gotten into some kind of altercation at their home a couple of years ago. The police were called and Harry threatened them with firearms so the SWAT team was called in and surrounded the home. SWAT requested that Harry send out his wife & child unharmed. He refused, holding them hostage and effectively hiding behind them. Hours of a standoff ensued and from my understanding some shots were actually fired (I'm not as clear about who fired the shots as I am certain that Harry is in prison for holding his wife and child hostage for hours in their home using threat of use of firearms in a standoff with the SWAT team). Normally, I wouldn't share info like this publicly but had found Kelli posting slanders and insults about me on their public message board after my having criticized their deceptive use of photos of my dogs in their ads and when I attempted to honestly respond to her offensive public attacks she deleted my response and banned my computer IP from the ability to post my defense while keeping her slanderous attack against me posted publicly, undefendable and "appearing" unanswered. Just as these two have demonstrated with their deception in advertising and in their sick, unstable behavior at home putting their own child at serious risk of injury (not to mention the destructive emotional impact on their child), they have shown with their game of public-insult-and-slander-then-delete-the-defense, nothing less than a gross exhibition of insecurity, dishonesty, and poor ethics in ANYONE'S book. -RT
UPDATE: Kelli Bowers of Dogs Of War called me to express her dissatisfaction at seeing this info posted publicly here. As further proof of an amazingly irrational and self-centered thought processing ability at Dogs Of War, she was troubled that this info was publicly posted here (but it's ok in her mind to post insults and slanders against me on her public message board and then delete the honest post I made in defense and ban my computer IP from any ability to defend myself there while leaving her slanderous attacks against me posted there). In her phone call Kelli did make the point that I was wrong about one point of info regarding the hostage situation her husband created at their home when he was arrested. She said it was only their child he held hostage and not her. She said she wasn't in the house herself at the time. Unlike the false fictitious attacks she made against me on her board I'm not interested in perpetuating twisted falsehoods about anyone so I'm correcting the info I've presented here based on Kelli's own account told me on the phone the other day. She also promised a public apology to me on their message board for creating this situation with me but I've yet to see it materialize. -RT]


I present to you the

~ Cane Corso ~

A rare and ancient molosser

They are the


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